Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Improper Use of St. John’s Wort

As you know I’m convinced that St. John’s Wort works. One has to be religious about taking it or its benefits wear off in a matter of a couple of days. But what is a person to do if he is going to be out all day? It takes two pills three times a day for the brand that I take and carrying a pill bottle around just isn’t practical. I also don’t want to advertise that I’m taking it.

My solution is to simply throw four or six pills in my pocket before I leave. Most of the time I can remember to take them and it’s easy enough to do take them discreetly. Problem solved.

Well, it didn’t work today. I had to leave the house just before eight. I work at home so this was unusual. I was going to take pictures of and interview some people who were harvesting an interesting crop. I packed up my camera, notebook and four pills to cover me for the day in case it took that long.

It didn’t; I got home at noon. I fixed lunch and dug in my pocket for the pills. They weren’t there. I thought that they might have fallen out at some point and I didn’t think much of it. But then I felt some sort of grit against the cloth of my pocket. Then I realized what might have happened and pulled the pocket out.

Sure enough the ground up St. John’s Wort, or at least some, of it was still there but the pills weren’t. It was a hot day and I wore jeans because I knew that this crop was particularly scratchy. The result being that I stood around in the hot sun for almost four house sweating into my jeans and dissolving the pills with my sweat.

Hmm, I thought that this would be an amusing anecdote but now that I write it out it just seems kind of icky. Anyway, here’s the punchline.

Ready for it? Here it comes!

My left leg has been in a good mood ever since. Hahaha!


Anonymous said...

:) made me smile

Anonymous said...

Hello. I am so thankful to have found your blog, and thankful to you for writing it. I keep a journal and recognize myself in much of what you write. You make me feel less alone. Yesterday I bought my first bottle of St John's wort, or rather a "supercritical extraction" which is supposed to yield a highly concentrated remedy. The company is New Chapter www.newchapter.com. One geltab a day. I've just taken my first tablet. Here's hoping.
Also (and apologies for the long comment), for the past year or so I've had terrible mood swings that I believe were connected to caffeine. I'm very sensitive to the stuff and have recently given it up; in addition to sleeping better, I'm now able to think more clearly, to see through the distortions.
Again, thank you! K

Anonymous said...

Are you alright? Please just post a single line to let us know. K

cassie said...

Hah!!!!! that's thighlarious!