Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Journey

is at a stand-still. No self help; no herbs; just full on self-indulgent self-loathing.

It's kind of comfortable...


everyminute said...

Thought your readers may be interested in a mental health campaign I'm helping to start called that is fighting stigma in trying to organize a grassroots lobbying force to secure more research funding. We just launched our websiteat Please check it out if it sounds interesting to you. Thanks!

stkitt said...

Your experiences are scarily familiar to me. The only difference is that I do the drugs, not the wort. I found your blog while setting up my own, which has a similar intention:

Unfortunately, I'm not only depressed - but completely unoriginal too.

I chose a black background - it's about depression. Dude, what other colour could it be?