Monday, August 13, 2007

Of Banking and Haircuts

So my weekend went pretty well. No major peaks or valleys.

Today’s ruined though.

I’ve managed to arrange my life so that I rarely have to leave the house. I can sometimes go up to two weeks before having to stick my nose out the door. I know it’s not healthy and it makes me even weirder when I actually do end up having to deal with people. My wife tries to get me out – she has none of these issues – but it’s just so much easier to stay at home.

But, like I said, today is ruined. I have to go to the bank and sign some papers and I have to go get my hair cut. Since I work best in the mornings I try to schedule mindless stuff like this for afternoons but when I do I spend the whole morning dreading the social intercourse and I don’t get any work done. So the logical conclusion would be to get this out of the way early and have the rest of the day for my work. Well, that doesn’t work too well, either. When I get back I spend the rest of the morning reviewing whatever stupid thing that I might have said and by the time I’ve worked through that it is afternoon and I’ve lost all motivation to work.

Disgusting, isn’t it? Believe me; I’m far more disgusted than you.

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cassie said...

Oh man that is so disgusting... not. Why don't you see how benign that is? Howard Stern is disgusting (did I ever mention I hate that guy?). They paid him a billion dollars for it. Peter Nygard is disgusting (check out the CBC documentary that just came out about him). The guy at the Philadelphia baseball game who spit on a little girl and then purposely threw up on her for asking him to stop swearing is #@$ disgusting ( not that it should have happened to anyone but that it was an off duty cop and his family that he did this to was a bit of sweet justice... it might be mean or wrong of me but I enjoyed the picture of that jerk with a black eye very much, yes indeed).

You are a writer and you know that finding the right words is an artform, so I challenge you to find more appropriate words for yourself and your quirks/hangups/issues. If you, who apparently has an established readership here or there and is somewhat respected for your ability to communicate in writing (I mean you get paid to do it so you are doing something well) would only channel some of the self loathing to people who really deserve it, you would be doing us all a favour. I wish I was in a position to figure out how to do that. DO it for the underdogs my good man.