Monday, August 20, 2007

Giving St. John Another Try

I’ve ordered a month’s worth of St. John’s Wort. I tried taking this once before and it had a strange affect on me. Rather than taking the edge off of any anxiety and giving me a break from my depression, it made my emotions extremely raw. Events that would have typically been just a little disappointing were more likely to send me into a flying rage or sobbing. It was strange and I quickly quit the stuff.

But I was at a job that I HATED and this situation dominated my thoughts at the time. My life is very different now so I’m going to give it another try. The main reason why is that I really want to find a non-prescription solution and St. John’s Wort is universally recognized as one of the best herbal remedies for depression. I’ve also read that it’s good for my social anxiety problem so, despite my past experience, I have high hopes. (Can anyone say “placebo effect?”)

I plan to stick to it for more than just a few days despite how I feel. I wonder, though, if that rage and sadness was an expression of how much I hated that job and my boss at the time – things that I hadn’t really dealt with because the veil of depression goes a long way to numb other sources of pain.

It should arrive any day…


James said...

This report about self-medicating with St John's Wort was published on PubMed today. I'm just passing it on. I hope you have more success.

swirlyange said...

Hi...I am also going through depression and I enjoy reading your blog. I think it's important that people like you are sharing your story!

Good luck with the St John's Wort. It's definately a good place to start as far as alternative treatments go. I'd also suggest going to a good naturopath if you can afford it - I've found it incredibly useful. I'm taking quite a few supplements, as well as having acupuncture and homeopathic treatments and have found it really helpful.

All the best, you're in my thoughts.

The Pursuit of Happiness said...

For some reason Blogger cut off the address that James shared. Click here for the article he is referring to.

The Pursuit of Happiness said...

Thanks for the thoughts, Swirlyange. I may look into a naturpath although I'm not that familiar with them. "If you can afford" seems to imply that they can be pricey and that's been one of my problems in seeking treatment.

Swirlyange said...

Well here in Australia they aren't covered by the public health system unfortunately. Although, if there is a natural health college in your area you can often go to the student clinic free/very cheaply.
Anyways, wishing you all the best. :)

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Many thanks for that ideas, Swirlyange. I might consider the naturpath even though I am not really which acquainted with all of them. "If you are able to afford" appears to suggest that they'll end up being expensive and that is already been among my personal difficulties within looking for remedy.

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