Tuesday, August 11, 2009

UK Counselor Directory - www.counselling-directory.org.uk

Hi everyone. Not a lot is happening with me. Thanks once again for the kind words that you send me.

I'm just dropping in to share a website that was emailed to me. Rather than give you my take I'll be lazy and just paste the email:
I work for a website called Counselling Directory (www.counselling-directory.org.uk) which is an online web directory listing counsellors and psychotherapists all over the UK. Each counsellor has a profile stating what areas they specialise in, a bit about their background, and their qualifications. All the counsellors registered with us will have a relevant qualification and insurance cover or proof of registration with a professional body, so we are assured of their professionalism. The site also has a wealth of information about various types of mental health illness, as well as a blog about the latest health news.

The search facility on the site means you simply type in your postcode or town and the site produces a list of all the counsellors in that area, allowing the individual to browse through them and select and contact one that would be exactly suited to their needs. The site is free to use.

We developed the website when a friend was going through a difficult time, and didn't know where to find help close by. The site has been running for four years now, and we're always looking to try and get our name seen by as many people as possible, as we know from feedback that we provide a valuable and much needed service. We've recently been featured in an article on the Times website, we have a high Google ranking, and have had lots of positive feedback from site users and counsellors alike.


loveandlight said...

Fantastic idea!

I have found that Byron Katie's "The Work" has really helped me unwind all negative thoughts.

And reading Patrick Holford's "Optimum Nutrition for the mind" - his Vitamins have really calm the mental noise.

And panicaway.

Great blog and well done on the counselling directory - just brilliant.

Drew said...

Thanks for this :)

Sierra said...

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gregsexton.blogspot.com said...

I suffered from years of anxiety and depression and after recovering earlier this year I am convinced that tension in the CNS ratchets up our mind speed and causes us to primarily have negative thoughts. And over time that becomes insomnia and depression that doesn't respond to anti-anxiety or anti-depressants.

The way I think the CNS works is we all fall into a bell curve based on our natural CNS tension. By definition half the people are on the right side, with a naturally agitated CNS, and when you get to the second and third standard deviation and how it affects us is based on how far to the right side we are. What I think happens over time is the right side of the curve skews to the right because of the normal day to day stresses in life. And the natural way to manage your CNS tension and mind speed is exercise and sleep. I guarantee if you are doing both normally you don’t suffer from a fast mind. Now what I think happens is as we move to the right on the curve we start to see symptoms. First it starts out as nervousness and trouble sleeping. This is where a lot of people self-medicate because the symptoms are troublesome and things like alcohol and marijuana are ways to slow it down. But there is a big difference how they work. Alcohol depresses the CNS and your mind speed but THC heightens your CNS slightly and slows your mind down that way. I think those relative changes, either to the left where your CNS is more depressed, or to the right where it is heightened are the ‘buzz’ we feel. It’s a physical and mental thing but THC is by far the better route to go because it doesn’t depress your CNS or trash your organs. So managing that CNS tension becomes one of the first things we can do towards being healthy, and if you are exercising and sleeping then odds are you are healthy. It’s when we don’t manage the CNS tension that we move to the right where the mind is sped up.

Recycled Envelope said...

Great blog. It's such a relief to find other people with similar signs of depression. It's easy to think you're somehow different or broken when you look around you and see everyone living normal happy lives.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

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Richard Rice said...

Emotional problems come in different degrees. To some people, it might be just an occasional sadness. However, in my sister's case, it was a lot worse. She had been diagnosed with clinical depression. At first, it was hard. She struggled so bad to overcome her depression. Dr. Robert A Moss helped her in finding ways to balance her mood. Now, she was able to normally function without any lapse or episode.

Thanks for posting a directory of counselors. It can help others find a psychologist that would be able to help them.